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H5N1 the killer


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Oct 2, 2005
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H5N1 Flying With
Migratory Birds
Over Great Distances
Dr. Patricia Doyle, PhD

Hello, Jeff - Notice in this first link how the flyways bring birds from China, etc,
right into the Phillipines.


Now, if you look at:


you can see that some birds use the East Asian Flyway to go to Alaska, while others use it to head down into Australia. The Phillippines is another destination. And there are now suspected cases of H5N1 in the Phillipines.

In Europe, we now have Romania and Turkey with suspected H5 cases. The Euroasian/African flyways can and probably will take the virus into the Mddle East and Africa.

Patricia Doyle

Patricia A. Doyle, PhD
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H5n1 the killer flu is coming our way
Alaska at great risk from H5N1
What you don't know is about them lazer beams the military has installed. I mean, look at how much we're spending on our military.. I'm going to be really POed if we don't have these lazer beams.. which will kill all H5N1 Birds.
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