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Aug 3, 2005
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GySgt as u know Sadr city is a populated Bagdad slum with over a million and
a half people,it is a great success stories of the past invasion,the US forces
say that it is now quiet and the insurgensays have been quelled.the cleric
Muqtadua al sidr is the leader of the so called Mehdi Army. The hardmen
hold back from attacking the US forces in return the Americans avert their
eyes from the assassinations that takes daily of the Sunni prisoners in vast areas of Iraq.The US forces have handed over control to the private
Armies,in order being secure.The police and the Mehdi Army are carry out revenge on the Ba'alth party,who are former members of Saddam.
Pay back time.
Sadr city has become one of the safest plece for the US troops in all
Iraq.Sadr city has suffered only one death from combat in ten months.
The Iraq people take there orders from Mugtada-al-Sadr.
I received this imfo from 2 US Marines one of them stays in Scotland now after he was injured in Iraq,and now married to a scot.His older brother is still
in Sadr city and cmes over here to see his brother. mikeey
Was this thread really necessary? Personal Message him?

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