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Gun Forums and Political Leanings?

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Mar 2, 2016
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West Columbia, Texas
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I have recently been directed by a self proclaimed expert and/or military/merc SPECOPs operator, to stay clear of all gun related online forums due to issues with others moderation and trolling. The advise was given based upon the individuals apparent first hand (unlucky) experiences which were tainted with what sounds like particular political or ethical leanings. Does anyone else here have any advise supporting this stance or that is contrary to the expert. I am interested in joining other online arenas and would like to know from as many sources as possible where to feel comfortable and where to steer clear of. The advise I have received appeared very biased, which is fine, but I would rather lose this as a potential discussion if that is okay. Let me know your feelings please.
The High Road is good. They do not tolerate politics outside of gun politics, and while I don't post there much, they've been quite welcoming despite my liberal lean.
If you're going to participate in a political forum then plan on hearing a few opinions that conflict with yours. That applies to discussions about guns, politics, religion, food, the time of day.....
You were "directed"?

Just join, lurk for a bit, answer a post or two.

Some are good, some not so good. Forums are a collection of individuals with strong opinions. That's what makes it fun.
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