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Graph of Political Positions


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Jun 25, 2005
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New Haven, CT
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Is there anyone who can post a link to a website that has a good graph or map of political positions. I'm looking for either a 1D or a 2D map where each exis represents some measure of political thought, and a plot of where different political movements or politicians may fall.

You may agree or disagree with these classifications. I think its fascinating to look at these maps and to debate their merits. Here are a couple that I've seen from this site:

www.politicalcompass.org (click around)

I have some objections to both, but mabye someone can find one that's better. What I'm looking for doesn't necessarily have to be 2D or have a test attached to it.
I prefer the three-dimensional map. The X axis represents personal freedom, with a positive number favoring more and a negative number favoring less. The Y axis represents economic freedom. And the Z axis represents political freedom.

+X +Y +Z
Libertarianism or Classic Liberalism
Example: Barry Goldwater

+X +Y -Z
Anarchism or Anarcho-Capitalism
Example: Murray Rothbard

+X -Y +Z
Modern Liberalism or Democratic Socialism
Example: John Kerry

+X -Y -Z
Communism or Autocratic Socialism
Example: Fidel Castro

-X +Y +Z
Example: Newt Gingrich

-X +Y -Z
Example: Jerry Falwell

-X -Y +Z
Populism or Neoconservatism
Example: George W Bush

-X -Y -Z
Authoritarianism or Fascism
Example: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
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Hmm - I don't think that I would say Fidel Castro supports personal freedom. Especially when you are putting Bush in the minus column.
There are probably very few good examples of +X -Y -Z because autocratic communists are going to have a hard time granting personal freedom.

I think the general idea is good, although 3D drawings are harder to visualize.

Foriegn policy doesn't really fit into any of these so far. That might be a good idea since it's hard enough just dealing with the internal policy.
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