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GOP Warning Falls on Deaf Ears (1 Viewer)


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May 31, 2005
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GOP Warning Falls on Deaf Ears
By: Vincent Fiore
RightConservative.com 05-30-05

Several weeks ago, I wrote a commentary that stressed to the Republican-controlled Congress--and President Bush--the perils of not following through on the conservative platform that the GOP stressed during the long campaign of 2004.


The article, “For the GOP, a Warning,” was an attempt to relay to the Republican Party the general dissatisfaction of the conservative base and its many other constituents--all 62,000,000 of them--that labored for that platform in 2004, and believed in the Republican Party and the promise of 2005.

With last Monday’s debacle, in what is now forever know as “The Deal” on President Bush’s judicial nominees, the Republican majority in Washington has possibly assured itself of--at the very least--congressional losses in 2006 and has put in peril the presidency in 2008.

The deal on the president’s Circuit Court nominees can be looked upon as one looks upon a politician’s stock campaign speech—long on promises, yet woefully short on delivery.

If Bush is lucky, he gets four Federal Appeals Courts judges out of an original starting number of sixteen nominees. Many have forgotten judicial nominees Miguel Estrada, Charles Pickering (who received a recess appointment in January, 2004), Carolyn Kuhl, and Claude Allen. All have either withdrawn from the nomination process, or have not been re-nominated by Bush, primarily because of Democratic demonizing and prolonged obstructionism.

Of the original sixteen, only three are assured of an up-or-down vote in the Senate. Jurists Janice Rogers Brown, William Pryor, and Priscilla Owen, the three most “radically right-wing” and “extreme” in the eyes of Democrats, will receive a vote. These three nominees have received seven failed cloture votes between them, as well as the unrelenting vitriol of Democratic Senate leaders and the character-assassination of the press.

The remaining nominations of Susan Bieke Neilson, Terrence William Boyle, Richard Allen Griffin, Thomas B. Griffith, William Haynes, Brett Kavanaugh, David W. McKeague, William G. Myers III and Henry Saad are assured of nothing if only defeat.

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You are blaming the deal on the GOP? Just shocking really, it was a group of like-minded senators who don't see party loyalty as the key to helping constituents.

I suggest you go to the thread on judicial fillibusters if you want to go talk about it.

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