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Going Rogue: Trump's Refusal to Play GOP Ball


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May 6, 2012
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Going Rogue: Trump's Refusal to Play GOP Ball | RealClearPolitics
Going Rogue: Trump's Refusal to Play GOP Ball

“Republican Party leaders hoped that Donald Trump would seize the window of time between the end of the primary and the start of the convention to grow his campaign and evolve as a candidate, shifting and softening his message to win a broader audience in the general election.
It hasn’t exactly worked out that way.

………..A steady drumbeat of unflattering news stories about Trump and his own inflammatory rhetoric have further quashed hope among Republicans of a turnaround before convention. Within the past month, Trump has denied having acted in the 1990s as his own spokesman under the guise of aliases, before later conceding he did use aliases; hurriedly disbursed promised checks to veterans organizations after reporters raised questions about whether he had done so; raised conspiracy theories about the suicide of White House aide Vince Foster during the Clinton administration; faced questions about whether Trump University was engineered to scam its clients; and cited Judge Curiel’s “Mexican heritage” as the reason he should step down from the Trump University trial……….

The GOP got what it deserves…….They thought of Trump as a clown…….a sick joke………And never vetted the man………….Now they are stuck with an crazy and out of control northeast liberal and to compound the insult…..He is from “sin city” New York………a place most of America has learned to hate………And also having the real power and possibility of bring the entire GOP down
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