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Ginsburg and O'connor target of death threats


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Jul 31, 2005
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WASHINGTON (AP) - Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said she and former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor have been the targets of death threats from the "irrational fringe" of society, people apparently spurred by Republican criticism of the high court.

Ginsburg revealed in a speech in South Africa last month that she and O'Connor were threatened a year ago by someone who called on the Internet for the immediate "patriotic" killing of the justices.

Security concerns among judges have been growing.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter joked earlier this year that Justice John Paul Stevens should be poisoned. Over the past few months O'Connor has complained that criticism, mainly by Republicans, has threatened judicial independence to deal with difficult issues like gay marriage.

Worry is not limited to the Supreme Court. Three quarters of the nation's 2,200 federal judges have asked for government-paid home security systems, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said this week.

According to Ginsburg, someone in a Web site chat room wrote: "Okay commandoes, here is your first patriotic assignment ... an easy one. Supreme Court Justices Ginsburg and O'Connor have publicly stated that they use (foreign) laws and rulings to decide how to rule on American cases. This is a huge threat to our Republic and Constitutional freedom. ... If you are what you say you are, and NOT armchair patriots, then those two justices will not live another week."


I think it's interesting that so many Federal Judges have asked for security systems. Anyone know anymore details about this story? It's hard to find much more on it.
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg receives death threats


This is pretty serious. She and the other justices are openly advocating the elimination of the sovereignty of our courts. I can't believe that can say something like that and get away with it. Where is the outrage? I actually don't disagree with the guy who made a death threat said. He said exactly how I feel. The justices should be impeached for what they are doing.
Re: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg receives death threats

How dare they?!?! Looking to *gasp* FOREIGNERS to see how they run things in their countries!!! It’s UNAMERICAN, I tell you! We red blooded, patriotic Americans have gone thousands of years relying purely on our own ingenuity without the filthy jurisprudence of the barbarians outside our nation. It is a crime against humanity to suggest that America could possibly find any worthwhile ideas that didn’t originate within our own borders!
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:rofl at Befuddled_stoner...spot on!
Our laws are to be set for the Americans, and not to rely on outside influences. They are not there to make law. As far as activist judges, they deserve to be held accountable.
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