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Get some Perspective


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Jul 26, 2009
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I think, after reading hundreds of threads and comments here, that many of us could use with some perspective when it comes to US-Muslim relations, US relations with Muslim governments, and a general look into the life and opinions of Muslims around the world. I found this great, informative, and FUN:2razz:, documentary by Morgan Spurlock. Its the same guy who made "Super Size Me."

Now someone you will certainly disagree with many of his conclusions, however I think his analysis of blowback, specifically the blowback from US support to "less-than-democratic governments". HOWEVER I think the greatest value to be gained from this video isn't from trying to argue against parts of it, because frankly we all know each other's opinions and the video certainly can't change its mind, the greatest value would be to simply listen to the information and absorb it. Even if you don't agree it'll certainly increase your understanding of others both on the other side here, and the views of others around the world, views which do affect the situation in the US if not indirectly.

Hulu - Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden? - Watch the full feature film now.

Personally I gained a perspective which I'd consider attempting to develop a new global COIN strategy. Just as locally in Iraq and Afghanistan we work directly with the people, as they are the potential terrorists/fighters and ultimately determine the direction of their country, perhaps a successful method can be developed to use a similar 'people strategy' in countries we are not directly occupying or present in. This would be opposed to the normal and older strategy of working with bad and autocratic governments to keep their own people and thus terrorists down and under heavy control. I'm not saying thats something the US should attempt, I just think its worth looking into.
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