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German officials refuted information of Gypsies deportation!


Sep 27, 2010
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German officials refuted information of Gypsies deportation! Right! You know, I’m Romanian and that’s what we want from you, do not send them back to my country! Look, from the date of Romania joining to EU over 10000 of Gypsies leaved Romania and people could breathe freely without them at last . The crime rate has been dropped from 2007!
And now France started sending Roma Gypsies back to Romania! We don’t need it! I’m sure that even 700 Gypsies can put up here their own orders. And in case of continuation of deportation practice of EU Romania can die out of anarchic violence. I know that it’s wrong to think so about it but I don’t want to see all kinds of criminal Gypsies! If those terrors return that terrible time will come to Romania!
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