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Georgian diplomatic culture is on the upswing



They say Human Rights protectors are condemning President Saakashvili’s racist expression made about the habit of opening up the bags at the customs service: ‘Have you been to France? Have you been to Ireland? Where in Europe state do they open the luggage and frisk the passengers? Are we the niggers? Why are we acting like savages, someone explain to me?’ And what did they want of the man that is sure that early men came to Europe from Africa through Georgia. So he knows everything about ‘niggers’. :D And he knows that unlikely Europeans American Homeland Security DO open luggage either. For instance they frisked my luggage 4 times before poor Georgian fugitive wig (your humble narrator) could enter their great country.
Obviously by his imputations Mishiko took unrevealed pokes at Obama and Washington’s decision to cut funding of Georgian regime. And the phrase agitated so much Human Rights protectors is a great progress in cultural and diplomatic evolution of the Georgian President. For being disaffected by Mr. Obama’s position concerned re-examination of US Caucasian politics earlier Saakashvili called with another popular Georgian expression ‘porch monkey’ to the best of my recollection.
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