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George Kent speaks bitter truth about Ukrainian prosecutors, oligarchs, internet trolls

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Apr 18, 2013
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George Kent speaks bitter truth about Ukrainian prosecutors, oligarchs, internet trolls | Kyiv Post

U.S. Deputy Assistant SoS for European and Eurasian Affairs George Kent.

Kyiv Post

The U.S. House of Representatives’ Intelligence Committee has released the full transcript of the Oct. 15 testimony of George Kent, deputy assistant secretary of state for Eastern Europe, which was conducted during the impeachment probe into U.S. President Donald Trump. Kent also served as deputy head of mission at the U.S. embassy in Kyiv from 2015 to 2018. The 355-page document offers striking insights into Ukraine. Kent explains the relationships between the State Department and the Ukrainian government and law enforcement, describes the characters of top Ukrainian officials, shares anecdotes and gives a spot-on diagnosis of the country’s ills. His testimony largely corroborates the timeline provided by other U.S. diplomats of Trump’s attempt to extort Ukraine into a public pledge to investigate his likely Democratic rival in the 2020 election, former Vice President Joseph Biden, and unfounded allegations of Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election in exchange for U.S. military aid. The Kyiv Post has selected some of the most interesting parts of Kent’s testimony.

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The English language Kyiv Post shares segments of George Kent's House testimony concerning Ukraine prosecutors Viktor Shokin, Yuriy Lutsenko, and Nazar Kholodnytsky; Burisma Holdings; former President Petro Poroshenko; ‘porokhobots’ internet trolls; and Russian president Vladimir Putin and Hungarian president Viktor Orban feeding Trump disinformation regarding Ukraine and why. Illuminating for all who are not well versed in Ukraine and some of the highly corrupt players that Rudy Giuliani welcomed under his big conspiracy tent.

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The president who hates Ukraine | Kyiv Post
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