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George Allen for President?


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May 24, 2005
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There is a lot of establishment/insider talk of Senator George Allen of Viriginia being the leading candidate "sent from above" to be the GOP presidential nominee in 2008.

Rick Santorum is going to test the waters not AFTER the mid-term elections, but DURING the mid-term elections. His true test for a run in '08 begins with his re-election. He is running neck and neck with his democratic opponent, too close that doesn't sit well, nor translate well. It all depends on how well he does. Does he win by a hair, does he win in a re-election landslide or, ultimately, does he lose? There is also added pressure for his campaign, given the very simple fact that he is a US Senator from a very strong swing-state. Granted, Pennsylvania is edging closer and closer to being red at the presidential level, but can Santorum deliver his own home state for himself? 2006 will only tell.

Bill Frist just lost any top standing with his loss on a clear up-or-down vote for the judicial nominees.

John McCain--for whom I voted in the Florida Primary in 2000--has burned too many britches with base conservatives, which is not good. There will be another dog fight should McCain be one of the last two candidates in the primaries.

Rudy Giuliani--who could EASILY win the presidency but NOT the primaries/nomination--does not sit well with conservatives on 3 key issues within the party: gay rights, gun control, abortion rights. Strength in homeland/national security and defense might not be enough to get him to the top. But he would fit well for second-in-command. Would he accept that spot? If he realizes he will never win the GOP's nomination for president EVER with his moderate positions, he would be wise to take the VP spot.

Condi Rice--who I believe OUGHT to be the nominee--has flat out said "No." She is a woman of her word. But don't rule out a spot for Veep.

Jeb Bush, I think, will not run for President, but just like Rice, he could agree to a VP spot on the ticket. Otherwise, he understands the political lightning bolt of "Bush-fatigue." Just as there was "Clinton-fatigue."

VP Cheney has health issues to worry about. He also is a man of his word.

JC Watts would be a formidable candidate, but would be heavily attacked from the left for being a black man who dares not to be a democrat.

Mitt Romney would have a lot of explaining to do within his own party regarding the taxes he had to raise, mainly on businesses, in order to save revenue in Massachusetts.

Bill Owen lacks the political savvy to muster a large following.

Marc Racicot suffers the same problem as Governor Owen.

Mike Huckabee could be the "media's darling" of '08. Another governor from Arkansas running for president. the renewed marriage vows. The INCREDIBLE weight loss. Trust me, the media would love this guy for stories.

Newt Gingrich would do very well at running. I don't know how strong a pair of legs his campaign would have to keep him going until the convention, but he would a formidable candidate within the party. Don't rule out Speaker Gingrich.

George Allen looks to be the most ideal candidate my party would want in 2008. He is an attractive candidate in every sense. Conservative, religious, charismatic, charming, folksy and down-to-earth, southern with that hypnotic southern drawl, relatively young, handsome, popular as senator, governor, congressman, and state legislator. His father was a famous football coach. This kind of appeal worked before. And because of it, George W. Bush is now a 2-termer. If we learned anything from Bush and Rove, it's that these kinds of qualities a person can possess is a formula for success. President George Allen. Sounds very nice.
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