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French TV boss admits censoring riot coverage

Sep 12, 2005
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French TV boss admits censoring riot coverage

Claire Cozens in Amsterdam
Thursday November 10, 2005

One of France's leading TV news executives has admitted censoring his coverage of the riots in the country for fear of encouraging support for far-right politicians.

"Politics in France is heading to the right and I don't want rightwing politicians back in second, or even first place because we showed burning cars on television," Mr Dassier told an audience of broadcasters at the News Xchange conference in Amsterdam today.

...he admitted his decision was partly motivated by a desire to avoid encouraging the resurgence of extreme rightwing views in France. http://media.guardian.co.uk/site/story/0,14173,1639538,00.html

Le Pen says these riots are only the start of problems he has predicted for a long time.

The French have been signing up for his party en masse!

"France is in a bad state, much worse than it seems. Our country is on the edge of a decline that could rapidly drive it to its disappearance. the French people, who are brainwashed by the media, don’t even know it, although many of them have a fear about it.

"To avoid terrible hardship, the country must react as soon as possible. The truth must help this nation to rediscover and set off again in the 21st century on the glorious route which it had followed for centuries.
Without hate, but without fear, without remorse and without repentance, each of us must now act without building castles in the sky, while keeping our eyes fixed on the end of the furrow like our ancestors in order to do what needs to be done. When the hour of the battle arrives, you close ranks and go to battle, and as Joan of Arc said: 'God gives victory.'"
Jean-Marie Le Pen

With a 24-hour ban on rallies in Paris due to be lifted today, Mr. Le Pen, 77, has summoned "legitimately worried and fed-up French people" to assemble in Palais Royal square in the city center tomorrow evening.
Marine Le Pen, his 37-year-old youngest daughter and political heir, told the London Sunday Telegraph that her father, one of France's longest-serving politicians, had been vindicated.
"The Front National predicted and warned this violence would happen 20 years ago. It has been political madness for 30 years since we allowed immigrants to come here as cheap labor at the behest of French bosses," said Miss Le Pen, a mother of three, lawyer and member of the European Parliament.
"Five percent of those here legally have an employment contract, which means 95 percent are living at cost to the public purse. It is ruining our health system, our social security system and aggravating unemployment and social problems," she said.

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