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Four Indiana cops indicted for excessive force, cover up


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May 21, 2005
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Officers Joseph Chase Winkle, 34, Jeremy Gibson, 30, Corey Posey, 28, and Sergeant Joseph Krejsa, 50, have been indicted “for their roles in using excessive force against arrestees and attempting to cover up the misconduct,” the Department of Justice announced.

No specific instances or victims were named in the DOJ complaint, but the Muncie Star Press previously linked a federal lawsuit in which Jesse Vernon alleged that Winkle handcuffed him, threw him to the ground, beat him and repeatedly tased him.

The lawsuit claims that Winkle and his father, then-Chief Joe Winkle, “knowingly, or recklessly, made false, misleading or incomplete statements in support of a probable cause affidavit.”

Another Muncie resident, Emanuel Montero, filed a lawsuit in August over his May 2018 arrest, during which he claims he suffered at least three broken ribs, facial fractures and numerous cuts and bruises.

“The injuries to Mr. Montero’s face were so severe that medical professionals were concerned he may lose his eye,” Montero’s attorneys, Bradley Keffer and Austin Andreas, wrote in the suit, according to the Star Press.

Four Indiana cops indicted for excessive force, cover up (msn.com)


We entrust the police to do violence on our behalf, but we shouldn't tolerate incompetence or misconduct. The conservative position is that government tyranny is unacceptable. Police vs. suspects should not be an exception to that. Police training and accountability needs a nationwide facelift. Covering up for a fellow officer's misconduct must not be tolerated. Good cops police their own, otherwise they're not good cops.
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