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Former Obama advisers call WH foreign policy “broken”


May 11, 2013
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by Ed Morrissey
July 12, 2013

Most Republicans and conservatives would give Barack Obama a failing grade on foreign policy. So would some of his own advisers. David Francis writes that the lack of preparation and strategy has become painfully apparent over the last few weeks, and has produced an America unable to “dictate the national conversation.” The problem has become so apparent that even some of Obama’s former colleagues are aghast at the situation:

For instance, Vali Nasr, who served as senior adviser to Richard Holbrooke when he was ambassador to Pakistan and Afghanistan, said this of Obama’s Afghan policies: “Their primary concern was how any action in Afghanistan or the Middle East would play on the nightly news, or which talking point it would give the Republicans. The Obama administration’s reputation for competence on foreign policy has less to do with its accomplishments in Afghanistan or the Middle East than with how U.S. actions in that region have been reshaped to accommodate partisan political concerns.”

See other comments:​


“Say what you will about Bush’s actions. But it’s undeniable that the world spent eight years reacting to the United States, not the other way around.”

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Even the MSM is quoted to claim that Obama's foreign policy has been to "Lead from Behind".
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