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Former IRS boss involved in decision to use planted question to address scandal


May 11, 2013
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By Chad Pergram
June 17, 2013

The IRS' upper management was behind the controversial decision to use a planted question to disclose the agency's practice of singling out conservative groups, according to transcripts of interviews reviewed by Fox News.

Holly Paz, who had been a Washington supervisor in the agency's tax-exempt unit, told House oversight committee officials that Lois Lerner -- the director of that division -- told her ahead of time that she would be addressing the targeting of Tea Party and other conservative groups.

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Former IRS boss involved in decision to use planted question to address scandal | Fox News

So we are slowly learning that Miller was aware of the actions taken by Lerner and Paz, which involved meetings on how to take the action. Lerner is on paid leave and as I understand it so is Holly Paz. Ain't that great?
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