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Former canadian defense minister says UFO's are real

Stu Ghatze

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Aug 30, 2005
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Former minister of canadian defense; Paul Hellyer who served from 1963-1967 says that a retired U.S. Air force general (un-named) confirmed that UFO's are real, & Hellyer is concerned that the public should be told the truth about them, ..& he is also concerned that some officials in America want them shot down.

Hellyer claims to have really not had much of an interest in the ufo phenomena when he was minister of defense, & what sightings people saw & reported were usually explained away ..& that his interest was piqued only after seeing the ABC television special hosted by Peter Jennings shortly before Jennings death, "Ufo's...seeing is believing".

Many theories abound as to "why" some believe that they should be shot down, ..& one of them is that they might not be friendly little alien creatures as some people think,... but perhaps may have a sinister agenda.

A Colonel Philip Corso (deceased) is mentioned in the artical as well. He wrote the book, "The day after Roswell", ..& says that he was the military laison/technical officer whos job was to glean technical information in an effort to back engineer some of the high tech objects retrieved from ufo crash sites!

There are two sites that deal with Hellyer, & this topic:




They are very interesting!
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