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Flight in China diverted after man found dead in aircraft toilet


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Dec 3, 2017
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  • Fuzhou-Chengdu flight landed at Changsha Huanghua airport after suspected suicide on board

  • Witness reports seeing attendants and special police trying to get a response from passenger in lavatory before attempted rescue

An aircraft in China made an emergency landing this week after a man was found dead in the toilet.

The Air ChinaCA4230 flight, scheduled to fly from Fuzhou in southeastern Fujian province to Chengdu in southwestern Sichuan province, took off on Wednesday evening but descended at Changsha Huanghua International Airport in central Hunan province an hour later citing “medical special circumstances”, news site Cqcb.com reported.

The man was suspected to have died by suicide in the aircraft lavatory, the report said.

He was taken to Changsha No 8 Hospital near the airport where he was pronounced dead.
I guess he was having a really down day.
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