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Fired Baytown police officer charged with assaulting bystander (1 Viewer)


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Jan 22, 2019
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Fired Baytown police officer charged with assaulting bystander during videotaped arrest
Skylar Gilmore was thrown to the ground and kneed in the face after asking Officer Nathaniel Brown why his friend was being arrested, prosecutors say.

“The grand jury has made clear that our community won’t tolerate unnecessary violence by anyone, including police officers,” Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said. “We need one standard for everyone and the law must be applied equally in order for people to continue to believe in our justice system.”

Brown, a nine-year veteran of the Baytown Police Department, was fired after the incident on June 2 drew protests.

Eyewitnesses nearby asked why their friend was being arrested and one man began recording the officers on his cell phone.

Video shows Brown confronting the witnesses and ordering 24-year-old Skylar Gilmore to put his hands behind his back. Then Gilmore was thrown to the ground.

"The officer then used a knee to strike Gilmore in the shoulder and face," Ogg said in a statement. [/quote]

I hope he sue's them because the Policeman had no business going over confronting him... Citizen can take all the video he wants!!!!

This is why its good Camera's Are In Society and People are using them. Some people should never be allowed to wear a bad and a gun

This is why people are Protesting and its why there are also a mass of white people Protesting - The Police Don't Know Their Limits...

Everyone knows, that never would have happen to a wealthy person in a wealthy community.


This is what Police do when Wealthy people do crazy stuff.

After He Hit 3 Cars!!!

It's all on video ... the guy is stumbling and mumbling on the scene when cops arrived to see his Dodge Charger had swiped several parked cars in L.A.'s Los Feliz neighborhood on Aug. 22. Whatever he was on ... he was struggling to stay upright as he spoke to the owners of the other cars and exchanged info with them. He nearly fell on his face right in front of a cop who, for some reason, seemed to ignore the behavior!!!

The witness who shot this video is stunned in disbelief as the cops tell the victims to contact their insurance ... as they simply let the wasted guy walk -- sorta -- away. People on the scene were pissed, and with good reason.
Take Notice People

How silent Right Winger Become, when the Police Brutalize "Poor Whites"... they won't say a word!!
(Also, we know, some right wing white people won't say a word about police brutality of Poor whites people, because they know, if they do, they will also have to recognize what black people are saying about Police Brutality of black people is True)

Yet, Right Winger White People, yell and scream and want to attack, because black people have the dignity to stand up and speak up when police brutalize black people, and black people speak up, without regard to whether the black person is poor or wealthy"...

These same Right Winger, get upset at Liberal Minded White People who support BLM, because the Liberal White People know the brutality, abuse and murders by Police is also done to poor whites, so these white people who support BLM... know for a fact... That when things are changed so Black Lives Matters, it also means that it will change where Poor White Lives Matter...

Because these Liberal Minded white people, know they can't count on right winger minded working poor, poor and certainly well to do and wealthy white people, as these white people in the right winger mentality WILL NOT speak up against the brutality and deaths that Poor whites suffer at the hands of the Police.

Right Winger White People have been trained and daily groomed and drilled... to Protect the Wealthy White Ideals at all cost. which includes, keeping their mouth shut when the police brutalize poor whites.. Because: The wealthy certainly don't care how many poor whites get beat, brutalized, or murdered by the police, because they despise poor whites, and they convince the right wing white, many whom are poor themselves, NOT to say a word if another Poor white is brutalized, beaten, murdered.

In part they know they have groomed many white people to "be brutal" by the continual training them with the "Attack Something", "Attack Anything" and engage Any Act... in the pursuit of "Money"... So they automatically ... will not say a word. As the wealthy have trained them, that all that matters is "money" and protect the well to do and wealthy who symbolize having money.

Where as these Right Wing White People only have something to say, if a Wealthy or Well To Do white person is brutalized by the police, which "seldom if every happens'...

Heck they have been trained so well, they give a pass, or even glorify white people who shoot up a mass of people, sexually brutalize young kids and if its a white female that abuses a student sexually, they find a way to sanitize it with a slap on the wrist.

SOME of The White Clergy have been sexually abusing kids for Centuries and Decades... but you don't see nor hear Right Wing White Evangels saying a word!!! They go completely "SILENT" !!!

One can barely read the internet without some white girl saying she has been sexually abused, sexually harassed or raped.... and white people try and sanitize it away as if its an anomaly. But... every week we see some white female entertainer, coming out saying she was sexually abused. (I don't know if its a "publicity move" or "flat out fact", that's not my decision to make.) No one knows how many white females who are not in the entertainment arena and don't have a public voice, who may have a story of such to tell.
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