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FBI, DOJ, and Unwarranted Surveillance

Is the DOJ abusing it's power?

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Jul 30, 2005
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So the DOJ (justice department) want's to investigate the leak of unjust surveillance? There are laws and they exist for a reason. If the media were to expose that the administration of our executive government bypassed the law to spy on Americans Citizens... how in the hell is that injustice.

FISA exists to support the justification of such surveillance. The benefit of FISA is a temporarily retroactive adjudication. How has an injustice been done by exposing an injustice.. ? What is the intention of the DOJ in probing this issue? Something is terribly wrong with this...

By the virtue of consititutional law.... Bush doesn't have a leg to stand on in his executive order to covertly, without warrant, spy on American Citizens.. with no checks or balances...

By the virtue of constitutional law.. THe DOJ has no right to persecute those who would blow the whistle of such unjust actions by the Bush administration. Is there anybody in the Justice Department who is well educated in Jurisprudence?

To deny the role of FISA is to deny the role of Justice.
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breaking the spirit of the law by following it to the letter, gotta love their gall
Funny thing is, all Bush had to do was give a warrant after spying and he would have been OK. That this is happening is just ridiculous. Not to mention that they are looking for whoever leaked this almost immediately. Didin't they wait a little bit longer to find out who leaked Plame's indentity?
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