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Famous People Abusing Their Powers


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Sep 18, 2005
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Anytime you read an interview in a magazine with a famous musician or film maker/actor, you are likely to see a large portion of that interview devoted not to the brand of art they create, but instead to the political rantings of that particular celebrity.

Whether it be someone like U2's Bono, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, or Michael Moore, anyone with an ounce of fame or an element of recognition is trying to put their viewpoint out there.

Now I'm certainly not saying that they arent allowed to express themeselves like any regular person on the planet, but they waste our time by trumpeting out condemnations against anyone they don't like. Of course, the magazine/television show/media outlet might have blown the entire thing completely out of proportion as they are often known to do. Sometimes a person can be interviewed for hours and in the next issue the entire article is dedicated to 15 minutes of what was then a meaningless part of the conversation.

Still, its hard to see that a person with such power over their own image would allow such an article to be printed. Taking a stand against something doesnt mean that you must find the most widely-known news show in the world and preach to everyone about what wrongs there are in the world, and what should be done about them. The most ironic thing about it is that they're usually speaking out against a political party shoving propoganda down people's throats, and then they are doing it themselves with a constant stream of pretentious bull.

It's almost harder to take than hearing viewpoints that you don't agree with. If you don't agree with someone like Bush, its easy to negate what he says in your own head. But when you hear someone who has an immense amount of power at their fingertips only use it to talk instead of act, and even worse, tell you how to think and act, it makes you want to completely remove yourself from politics itself, which would truly be a shame.
Yeah, I hate it when famous people use their celebrity to advance their politics. Like former actor Ronald Reagan, or actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, or singer/songwriter Sonny Bono. Or are we just talking about when the left does it here?
Hey how about working politicians who have some dumb idea they are celebs or entertainers? That's a hoot. It's also being done on our dime. At least the Hollywood people use their own money. If they have the equipment let them talk wether i agree or not. As long as we don't have to pay for it.
we're talking pretty much about how both the left and right use their powers to advance their political agenda. i probably should've used some examples of republican personalities just to balance things out.

This isnt just about one side or the other, its about celebrities using their fame to preach and try to sway people to think one way or another when they have very little balanced evidence to back up their opinion.

It's unfair to the people of this country, and equally if not more unfair to the candidates and agendas they supposedly 'represent' because they give those candidates and agendas a bad name
Its their opinion. If there are idiots who want to believe every word they say just because they are famous then so be it. They are the same as all the idiots that think Bush is god and that when he farts, its wisdom speaking.
galenrox said:
And what baffles me is that people are suprised that hollywood has a liberal bias, I mean DUH!!!
Who the hell is in the school plays? Who wants to move to LA and become an actor? Who sits around trying to figure out a new way to bare their souls with deep emotion, cause I'll tell you, theater kids typically aren't members of Pro-Life America.
I always figured it had a lot to do with the old Hollywood blacklist.
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