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Evil does not exist (1 Viewer)


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Aug 21, 2005
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What do people think about this?;

"The concept of evil is merely a coping strategy used to seperate behaviour which is detremental to well being from that which is not.
This is in order to experience it objectivley as opposed to subjectivley.
Once the nature of 'evil' is understood, it dissolves into reasoning."

Now the big fat long bit;

"By nature, each entity, regardless of will, acts to the means to which it will attain what it needs. Needs such as comfort, which can be attained with power to control the response to the percieved envioronment.Thus actions which are detremental to well being, even to others, are based upon the grounds of unfamiliarity with consequential state.

Therefore people will behave on their greatest understanding as to get what they want, however this is restricted by their understanding of what their true motives are and how to go about responding to those motives.
So even if someone is willingly and knowingly harming someone, he/she does it without true comprehention as to why it is not in his/her self interest not to do so.

Detremental actions are based on unfamiliarity,
and as unfamiliarity is not evil
Evil does not exist.

This does not mean however, that actions which which are detremental should be ignored,
rather the entity in question be familiarised with the consequences as to understand and adapt his/her behaviour."

I guess this is all based on the assumption people agree that no one trully cares for someone else unless they benefit in someway, even emotionally.

Right ive rambled on quite enough, how do you feel about 'evil'?
That might be true, but the fact that we act differnently then those who are 'evil' and do things that we consider 'wrong' I think is enough to be able to fight them. So calling them evil is still pretty accurate in my opinion. But I don't really think anyone is born evil.
Evil to me can be accounted for in terms of greed, avarice, lust etc etc as evolved gene serving instincts, yet It would seem from my experience that even discarnate evil exists...


The universe is a strange place indeed.... thank goodness :2razz:
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