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Ever notice the freaks only protest when democracies use force?


Jul 11, 2005
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Not a words out of the hippie communist liberal extremist factions when North Korea was developing nukes, not a word out of them when Syria was stockpiling chemical weapons, not a word out of them when the Soviet Union was encrypting missile telemetry in violation of START 2 while they were screaching for "Sane/Freeze", not a word out of them when the terrorist Muslim pieces of whale dung brought down the Towers and killed our citizens, not a word out of them when Libya brought down Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, not a word out of them when Hussein gassed the Kurds....

No, but when the United States or any other democracy uses force to protect our interests, all of a sudden they come unglued!!!!!!

Now why do you suppose that is?
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