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Ever heard of Bernays or Russell? How about Skinner?


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Aug 24, 2005
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One wonders why this sort of thing is not common knowledge:
[h=5]The Conformity Matrix: How to Maintain Individuality in Today's America. - YouTube[/h]
We all resent our parents telling us what to do, we often hated it when a teacher set an arbitrary rule...yet what is it that people usually do not search out and question why they have been socialized the way they are? How many people realize the extent that corporations and the government use psychology to shape our values and political views? One wonders...is this ultimately the way to affect change in America? Should everyone learn the basics of psychology and see how they are being led around from the cradle to the grave? Seems like the only way to really understand the dynamics of what is shaping up in the USA today.
Bernay's book on propaganda is most enlightening.
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