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EU Growing Pains/Adjustments (1 Viewer)


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Apr 21, 2018
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~ As we have been witnessing , the EU is having some difficulty as it continues to evolve into a more intrusive governing authority. Are these merely adjustments needing to be fine tuned - or the beginning of the collapse of the EU entirely ?
Here is an interesting analysis :
Reasons The EU Is Falling - Paul Goodman / 2017

~ The countries of Europe have their own separate histories and cultures and many people do not want to exchange their nation identities for a European one. In fact it appears that the EU may be achieving the opposite of its stated intentions and actually fueling extreme nationalism.
· There is a lack of democracy in the EU. Most of the big changes are decided by national governments, not by the European Parliament, or directly by the people of the EU.
· The Schengen Agreement allows freedom of movement between European countries without border checks , causing serious issues with terrorists and illegal immigrants exploiting the lack of controls.
· As a result of Schengen, the EU has struggled to secure its external borders, allowing uncontrolled immigration with only limited controls. Once inside the EU, the immigrants can move between many European countries with little or no controls.
· The EU is a bureaucracy of epic proportions, with money wasted left, right, and center. Nobody wants to take responsibility for imposing discipline and making it more lean and efficient.
· It is slow to react to crises, having to consult multiple different countries and organizations before any agreements or actions can be implimented.


|> Some of these issues are exactly what sociologists/social psychologists have been concerned about for the past 20 years. Human behavior has some measure of predictability, and we should heed these warnings. Government attempt to force societies upon one another is doomed to fail.

What say you ...?
I see shrinking pains, not growing pains. A BANK runs the EU. Think about it.

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