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Enough to WiN ? !


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Nov 19, 2018
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In the United States it is a Fact { no link necessary } that we Elect
our Presidents c/o the Electoral College.Whomever has the most Electoral
College votes.NOT the Popular vote.Al Gore knew and agree to that prior
to the Election of 2000.Where there was no bickering over who had the most
Popular votes.Gore did.Made no nevermind.Gore even Conceded the 2000
Election very late at night { a little before 2:30 am }.Gore called it in.
45 minutes later he took it back.Like in some Twilight Zone episode.
Or - It's a Good Life - { 1961 } where Little Anthony Freemont has the power
to Wish People into the cornfield.Little Anthony { has the ability to control
and alter things at will.} It still remains one of the most impactfull TW
episodes ever.Because it is unbelievably creepy and monstrous.
So too with today's garden variety Democrat pol.Where in a country run by
a 2 party system,one party believes in conceding and one party would rather
act like Little Anthony Freemont and alter by sheer will power the results.
Like Hillary Clinton tried.Like John Kerry attempted { Refused to concede to
Bush 43 until Ohio got recounted.Even then he hemmed and hawed after
It became certified by Ken Blackwell { Ohio's Secretary-of-State } a
couple months later.
of course Florida played out like Al Gore all over again.Gore telling Bill
Maher,recently that " Actually I think I carried Florida". Then more Goreism
" Well I do think it's time to get rid of the Electoral College ! ".
I get it ... Because of Winning. Or as Charlie Sheen went off on his
drug-induced rantings about " Winning ... Winning Anyone ! ".
We saw how that worked out for Charlie.Even his Father and Brother wanted
little to do with Poor Charlie.Who at that time was Not Poor.And employable.
Not for long.
So the lesson to be learned about Winning and what it takes for
Enough to win,is still unlearned by one Party.The Democrat Party.
As Richard Nixon's Campaign Mngr. { Murray Chotnier } was heard
telling Tricky Dick that election night ... " Dick ... they stole the election
fair & square ! ".
I rest me case ... for now.
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