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Elliott Broidy Laundered Foreign Money For Trump


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Jan 21, 2013
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He's BAAAAACCCKKK!!!!! The creepy republican fundraiser who may or may not enjoy having sex with porn-stars and who just so happens to be Michael Cohen's number 2 client. Who just so happens to be a client of Rick Gates, a former aide to Paul Manafort a key witness in the Manafort trials. Broidy also seems to have deep ties to the Crown prince of Saudi Arabia. So the right wing conservative, hypocrite abortion committing sleaze bag who ran the RNC is... a not-yet indicted criminal. I'm totally shocked, aren't you??? How long until he flips on Trump?

WASHINGTON — Federal prosecutors cited the involvement of a onetime top fund-raiser to President Trump on Friday in a scheme to launder millions of dollars into the country to help a flamboyant Malaysian financier end a Justice Department investigation.

Trump Fund-Raiser Received Laundered Foreign Money, Prosecutors Say

It would explain a lot if: Cohen used this guy for blackmail. He could have pushed the whole (Trump) abortion thing onto him. Trump and Cohen are masters at blackmail. Therefore Trump literally owned him just like he owns many in congress too weak to refuse to say bad things about the guy. I think Cohen (more than trump) had boiler plate templates of blackmail scenarios ready to go whether they are true or not. Ready to be released to the media ASAP.
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