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Eat me, Pakistan???

Who here thinks we should tell Pakistan to bite our collective asses?

  • I do, Pakistan sucks.

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  • No way, Pakistan is the coolest.

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George W. Bush should personally go over there and wash the village sheep, dogs, and children for the rest of his life. He should also perform oral sex on request from any Pakistani, as well as on their pets, camels, dogs, etc.

Not because I care what Pakis think or that they even remotely deserve an apology, but because Republican vermin spent years slandering Clinton over the same type of thing while he was President, and doing everything they could to ruin his foreign policy by aiding and abetting foreign enemies.

If Ralph Nader or Pat Buchanan were President, I would support just telling them to kiss off if they don't like it, and drop a giant water balloon on their Presidential Palace or whatever they have over there to show how much their hypocritical whining means to us.
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