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E. Darfur Governor Denies Involvement in Tribal Clashes


Apr 25, 2016
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ED-DAEIN - Governor of East Darfur state Anas Omer has denied his involvement in recent clashes between Rizeigat and Maalia tribes and called to stop the bloodshed and repudiate tribalism.
On 17 April, twelve people were killed in clashes between the Rizeigat Savanna Militia and gunmen belonging to their arch-rival Maalia tribe over stolen camels in Khor Taan area in Yassin county, East Darfur.
Following the incident, suspected Rizeigat gunmen killed three guards and burned down the governor’s house accusing the latter of siding with the Maalia.
In a meeting organized by the opposition Sudanese Congress Party (SCoP) in the state’s capital Ed-Daein on Thursday, Omer emphasized that he has nothing to do with the Khor Taan incident, stressing the need to maintain security and stability in the state.
He added that he forgives those who accused him of orchestrating the bloody incident, calling on the local people to help him achieve security and stability in the state.
Omer further demanded the various ethnicities in East Darfur to repudiate tribalism and racism and accept the other, saying the meeting has furnished him with clear vision on how to manage the state affairs.
The governor revealed that work has begun in major services projects including Ed-Daein Teaching Hospital, Ed-Daein Airport besides building several internal roads, saying the construction of premises of 9 ministries would start next month.
For their part, several speakers said the security problem persists because political leaders stick to tribalism, pointing the government mustn’t deal with the tribe as a fundamental criterion to get into political office.
source: sudanvisiondaily.com
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