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DPP defeats KMT in Taiwan...... again


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Apr 24, 2005
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For the third consecutive election, the pro-localization Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has outpolled the Chinese Nationalist Party in a Taiwanese election. This election was for the National Assembly, which is convened to ratify changes to the Constitution passed by the legislature. While on some issues, the two parties agree, there are others where there is a difference of opinion. Also, considering the fact that this election hung more on relations with China than any of the Constitutional issues to be on the agenda is telling. Even more telling of the anti-China feelings in Taiwan is the more radical People's (sic) First Party (PFP) dropped down to the number four party just one day after its leader, James Soong, returned from China. The more radical pro-localization Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU) moved up to number three in the polls for the first time. The pro-unification now party, the New Party, finished in SEVENTH! This is a far cry from ten years ago when they had no fewer than two dozen seats.


Last December, the DPP gained more seats in the Legislative Yuan than the KMT and the previous March saw the DPP's Chen Shuibien gain a majority in the presidential election.
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