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Don't Confuse What The Man Said...


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Jan 25, 2013
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In his strongest public words to date on the subject of abortion, Pope Francis affirmed the sacredness of unborn human life and linked its defence to the pursuit of social justice.

The Pope told a gathering of Catholic gynaecologists: “In all its phases and at every age, human life is always sacred and always of quality. And not as a matter of faith, but of reason and science.”

Pope Francis characterised abortion as a product of a “widespread mentality of profit, the ‘throwaway culture’, which has today enslaved the hearts and minds of so many.”

That mentality, he said, “calls for the elimination of human beings, above all if they are physically or socially weaker. Our response to that mentality is a decisive and unhesitating ‘yes’ to life.”

Pope condemns abortion as product of ‘throwaway culture’ | CatholicHerald.co.uk

Pope Francis’s remarks came one day after the publication of an interview in which he warned that focusing on certain moral teachings, including abortion, could undermine the Church’s efforts to preach the Gospel.

So you see, for those out there which seem to be confused. No change in the Church's stance has been made. The Pope merely was instructing others to remember that there are other issues which need to be addressed and by addressing those issues, giving more time to those instead of constantly focusing on abortion and homosexuality than that broader message will attract a broader following and common ground can be shared. Through that sharing of common ground an opening is made to bring those conflicted with the Church on abortion and homosexuality so as to provide an opportunity for a change in their heart and thereby a change in their position.

It's about inclusiveness.

That's the reason why you don't see mass excommunications, that Catholics are seemingly allowed to carry on promoting agendas contradictory with the Church's teachings. You don't have to buy everything hook, line, and sinker. You only are asked to keep your heart and mind open for the possibility of conversion.

I for one have been calling for an increase in the propagation of the wider message of Church social teaching and have too found the almost exclusive stance taken of deriding abortion and homosexuality at the expense of other important issues to be counter-productive.

Now to balance the argument, I do understand the explanation of why the bishops put abortion to the forefront. The sanctity of life is the foundation on which all the other teachings are built on. However, this is the bishops indulging in their own philosophical and academic argumentation. For broader appeal a broader message needs to be delivered and it does need to be acted upon.

Another topic which needs to be addressed is that the bishops need to start demanding that those organizations in their realm which carry the Catholic name adhere wholeheartedly and become shining examples of Church teaching. Who I'm speaking of in this specifically are Catholic hospitals and Catholic schools. From the parish to the University.

Too many non-Catholics are teaching in Parish's and are polluting the Catholic teachings, values, and morals which are an intricate part of the Catholic learning experience and a major part of the decision people make when doling out $6-10,000 a year from their pockets to provide their children with a Catholic education.

Catholic hospitals who train their management to actively prevent the unionization of their workforce. This is in direct conflict with Social Teaching.

Catholic Universities, also actively engaged in anti-union practices. Hiring faculty who actively oppose Church Teaching. Who give a forum for those who oppose Church teaching. (Obama and Notre Dame) Who actively work to promote secularized ideals, and make special accommodations for. (Again Obama and Georgetown)

These things all must be addressed and then corrected. This the Pope needs to address along with the other Bishops.

I don't know if the media is hyping these stories up as if they think the Pope and thereby the Church is weakening against the constant onslaught against it, or if they genuinely think progress is being made, or if they are purposefully trying to confuse the public thereby putting a wedge between the faithful who adhere and what is the perception given.

In any event the Pope is taking a different approach to things, which for the most part I believe is a good thing.

We must be sure however to not confuse what the man said. Nothing has been contradictory in substance, he merely is employing a different style.
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