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Donald Trump BEFORE The Estabablishment 'Smoke Screen'

It's about 30 min long and I'd rather not spend that amount of time on an info wars website. Could I just get a summary?

A Recap or POV might've been helpful in stimulating interest.
Alex Jones? Infowars?
I am not wasting a second watching what is guaranteed to be a complete waste of time video filled with nonsense and pure BS.
A cliff notes version of the video listing whatever false claims Alex Jones is making could be amusing to read however.
I'd rather not go to the InfoWars web site. I have what I think is a good anti-virus program, but I'm not sure it can keep me or my computer clean if I'm on that site.

Another source maybe? YouTube? Any other web site at all?

How about a summary from you as to what it's supposed to say, prove, and show?

Also, saying things like "establishment smokescreen" outside the CT forum is not a good sign and may tend to keep folks like me away as well.
So basically you're just going to post InfoWars links and pass that off as actual political debate? Find someplace else to do it then, please. USMB sounds more up your alley.
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