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Does Merit Matter to George Bush? (1 Viewer)



George Bush's recent decision to appoint Mrs. Meirs to the Supreme Court is the latest in a long series of decisions that appear to demonstrate that merit and ability, much less actual potential to do a job, matter little to our current president. Although I have no doubt that Mrs. Meirs is a terrific woman and a fantastic lawyer, these are not qualities that immediately lend oneself to become one of only nine judges to sit atop our entire judicial system.

There are literally thousands of lawyers running around who seem to posses the identical characteristics as Mrs. Meirs. There are many who are women, many who are Christian, and many who have achieved prominence as lawyers in their particular field. The one characteristic that Mrs. Meirs has over these other lawyers is that she has worked directly for George Bush. this appears to be the only quality that distinguishes Mrs. Meirs from literally thousands of lawyers.

However, both Mrs. Meirs and the thousand of other lawyers lack one quality that should be necessary to become a supreme court justice: they are not judges. A lawyer may be very skilled at pitching an argument based on law, but they have never had to actually weigh differing arguments and actually take the responsibility of making a decision that would effect the community upon which they judge -- not argue.

With just this one quality, having actually served as a judge, there are once Again thousands of candidates of all religious backgrounds, all genders, and presumably all sexual orientation who immediately become better candidates because they chose to enter into the profession of judgeship as opposed to remaining a lawyer. Furthermore, several of these judges have demonstrated a marked ability against their peers and have subsequently been promoted to various state and federal appellate courts.

Mrs. Meirs may be a terrific lawyer and even a wonderful person, but she has chosen to remain a lawyer. There are literally hundreds of other people who have become judges and spent years establishing a record of Judaical competence through an established merit based system. There are people that literally spend decades working to even have a chance at making the Supreme Court. Even after the hard work, there is still a great of luck involved in getting the nod.

Apparently though, all these people thinking hard work and due diligence had it wrong. Apparently they should have just gone to work for George Bush.

Following so closely on the heels of Mr. Brown's disaster with FEMA, George Bush's decision to appoint a Mrs. Meirs smacks of outrageous arrogance and an ideology that is completely out of touch with reality. George Bush can only salvage the situation by swallowing his pride and withdrawing his support for a clear case of cronyism in Mrs. Meirs. If he continues to push for Mrs. Meirs, he will split the republican party and we might as well write of the rest of his presidency as a lame duck administration.

Mrs. Bush seems quite unwilling to learn the lessons, and his ever shrinking coterie of loyal supporters are about to receive a harsh lesson from poor, isolated leadership.
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