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Does DP's new format have bugs?

Does DP's new format have bugs?

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Aug 9, 2007
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A couple of days ago, I tried to log into DP and got a message that the site was down.

Today, I noticed some changes in the format.

The changes seem to be more attractive, but I have found some problems, although, so far, no really serious ones.

On the polls, the numbers of votes overlap the percentages, making them difficult to read.

A more serious problem, I have noticed, is that the site runs considerably more slowly, nearly on every mouse click. The computer I am using right now is reasonably fast, but sometimes I work from a dial-up. I will check that out later.

A chronic problem with many web sites is they are so overcluttered with needless embellishments, it takes an excessive amount of time to go through them. And I will say right now that many people, including me, will not cater to sites that waste time waiting and waiting.

So if any of you have a web site, the no. one rule is keep it simple and keep it working at a reasonable speed. The best way to check out the speed of your site is to access it through a dial up system. If it works ok there, your site should be in good shape.

Now back to DP. Are you happy with the new format? Would you make some changes? Or would you like to go back to the old format. Please give your reasons.

So the question is: DOES DP's NEW FORMAT HAVE BUGS?
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The links to other web sites no longer work either.
Do not know, could not care.
It is what it is if it has any bugs, one presumes the powers that be will iron them out.
I havent had any problems.
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