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Do you have A good HEAD


Jan 14, 2005
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Are you between 18 -32 years old ? Do you have A :hm good head on your shoulders ? Are you in good health ?.............................................
And most of all do you believe in BUSH ? Well Bush really needs you now the US military is NOW offering some BIG :hm BUCKS to join our best and bravest.

Or better yet do not join and as country's like IRAN and Korea turn up the heat then we will have to install the DRAFT ..

And Freedom69 idea of a draft is first we take our best educated people i.e from our TOP collages i.e THE RICH kids sons because this are the ones who always got away with out :hm paying the BIG PRICE .
They get all the best benefits i.e the best JOBS , live in the best neiborhoods , etc.

It's time for YOU to pay the :hm PIPER please come join

Thank you
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