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Did You Hear Freedom69 on CN8 last night / Paul from Chelsea Ma.


Jan 14, 2005
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I'm Wondering if any of you heard me last night on CN8 with Barry Noland topic Tom Delay if you did I hit a home run ! ( I Think )

They were talking about Tom Delay and the Democrat's ad's against him.

They had a woman from the RNC and she said The people in Tom Delay's district likes Tom because he cuts taxes and in the same sentence she said they like him because he brings home the bacon

And of course that's when Freedom / (Paul from Chelsea ) had to call in and say I find that a bit ironic you want to cut taxes and at the same time bring home the bacon.
Where in the world do you the money comes from to bring home the bacon.
Don't you see this is the problem every Senator and congressman want to bring home the bacon

So Barry Noland said hey Paul you would make a great politician

P.S you also may hear me on WBZ 1030 ( Now on the WEB ) at night 8pm to12am Paul Sullivan or WBZ with Steve Labielly 12am -5 am Steve and do get along pretty well ......He one time did hey Paul may be you can become CO-producer HA! HA! HA! HA! because I'm always comming up with great news facts !..
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