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Dems need more than "hate" to win in 08'

Stu Ghatze

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Aug 30, 2005
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This constant assault on Mr. Bush since he the election outcome, & "the fixed election charges, to the He lied about the war in Iraq, he wants to be "king" crapola, His people outed Valeri Plame, Howard Dean's insistence that the Abramoff scandal is soley a republican scandal ..to the Bush is taking away everybody's rights, to the He's spying on americans"....is NOT gonna help the democratic party leadership one iota.

The true nature of the impotency of the democratic party leadership is the fact that they have not been able to convince most americans of "their" alternate reality.

The democratic party's attempted smear of Alito's character to portray him as a hater, a racist & so forth in order to destroy his confirmation was all that was needed for most americans to get the picture of the constant attempt to obstruct Bush at every turn.

Somehow what was ALWAYS good for the democratic party just isn't quite fair when the republicans have the power to change the direction of the courts etc.

When the democratic party wins elections its just tough crap for the republicans; but when republicans win elections, ..all that is muttered from the democratic party minority is, "Your not being fair" & the country then gets to hear a whole littany & re-visitation from the slave era, racial discrimination, southern lynchings stories, Jim Crow laws, back alley abortion stories, how the poor are "supposidly" starving in America, death penalty opposition, civil rights for terrorists, the environmental whackos, & special rights for atheists, & the multi-culturalist viewpoints etc etc.

The most illuminating is that the charges never fit the evidence, ..unless one wants to be suddenly transported back to the 1860's, or perhaps back to the 1960's to find any traces of relevancy.

What has shown forth of the democratic party leadership has been nothing but hate, rage, anger & unsubstantiated charges, & conspiracy theories, all of course in an effort to portray the current administration as evil, racist, hate filed, & other patently false assumptions.

At a time when "rights" issues should not be the prime issues, the democrats want to "expand" civil liberties for foreign nationals which would make it all the more difficult to identify them IF they were engaging in any type of terror activity.

One might think that there was a whole docket of rights issues, & abuse case issues waiting at the steps of the courts to be heard whereas individuals have had "their" civil rights taken away from them, ..but this has NOT been the case!

This is absurd as is the "feined" outrage from democrats that President Bush is spying on Americans, especially at a time of national security concerns!

Yep....nothing like the re-visitation back to the 60's, & it doesn't matter to democrats what century their road to villainizing president Bush takes them as long as the; "We must get Bush" on something in order to help invent a "scandal" that will hopefully help the DNC in 08'!

The same tired out methods, & but of course as always with race, economics, the so called "unjust war", stories of administration approved so called; "torture" & that great democratic party moniker of "civil rights"! "OOH CIVIL RIGHTS".....All the same template strategy of the late 1960's mentality.

There is only one great difference now, & that fact is that mainstream American majority simply does NOT trust the major media any longer as it did in the late 60's; & the democratic party leadership HAD damn well better wake up to this fact, ..as "their" methods are known now, ..as is THEIR collusion with the media that has ALWAYS existed in an effort to "liberalize" society, the courts, the laws, the educational systems & every fabric in America!

As a conservative republican, I would kindly ask a democratic voter; "We get it, ..but "Do you get it as to why the democrats keep losing"??;)
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