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Democrats: un unwanted question: Is Biden better on Wall Street than Hillary?


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Apr 22, 2019
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In 2016, Hillary was seen as an overly Wall Street candidate, and trump was able to run on the lie that he was a populist. Her flaws were exaggerated, but voters voted that way, and while she won by 3 million votes, it was enough for him to win electorally.

This election, it's different. Biden is winning in key states she lost, and does not have the huge dislike she did, and trump is now exposed and has lost support (from some voters, though not his cult).

But. Is Biden any better, actually, than Hillary on putting Wall Street over the American people?

Biden has a very long history of doing just that. His nickname was 'The Senator from MBNA' and similar. This election, Wall Street is donating five times more to him than trump, apparently because while both oppose actually populist messages, trump's huge flaws just make him a bad president. But with either, Wall Street wins.

This does not raise any issues with the choice between Biden and trump - trump is totally corrupt, and has given the plutocrats all they want.

While Biden's politics are better than Hillary's - he's running as a 'working class guy' and trump hasn't seemed to figure out how to respond, his attacks on Hunter Biden falling flat - it's just a question, is Biden actually any better for the people on serving Wall Street than Hillary or even trump? Perhaps he is at least for one reason, apparently willing to raise taxes on incomes over $400,000 and take some small stab against inequality.
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