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Delaram: 9 soldiers killed by an explosio (1 Viewer)

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Jun 1, 2010
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Bombing of a tank of British forces in Sngen
Qari Muhammad Yussuf (Ahmadi) - According to news arrivals of Helmand province for the bombing of a tank of the occupying forces in the Directorate of State Sngen mentioned.
Officials having Mujahideen says: The bloody explosion in the eleventh hour only a quarter of the afternoon when the enemy soldiers want to launch a raid against militants in the Syrian Directorate, Gary mentioned, as the mujahideen detonated a bomb in one of the enemy tanks.
The explosion rocked the region severe destruction of the tank completely, killing all on board were British soldiers.
According to residents of the area: the area in question is cordoned off by the enemy, and called in helicopters to the scene.

Bombing of a tank of Polish troops in the Directorate of Andrew
Zabihullah (Mujahid) - An explosion in a tank for Polish troops in the Department of State Andrew Ghazni.
Adds the report, shortly before ten o'clock in the morning the mujahideen detonated an explosive device in the tank when the enemy convoy was passing on the road in the area of the Directorate-Rahim horses listed.
Mujahideen officials having said: The explosion by an improvised explosive device was remotely controlled, resulting in the destruction of the tank is full and the killing of Polish passengers Jima's (6) soldiers.
It is noteworthy that the dead helicopter to the centers of the enemy, the tank destroyer is still at the scene until now.

Qari Muhammad Yussuf (Ahmadi) - According to news arrivals of the mandate of Nimroz Ranger for the destruction of the police car near the center of the Directorate of Delaram said mandate.
Mujahideen officials say: The explosion at seven o'clock yesterday evening, when the enemy was a car cross a bridge on the road to a small Kandahar Herat highway near Market Directorate Delaram.
Resulted in a powerful bomb blast destroyed the car completely, where still at the scene until morning.
According to reports, in addition to material losses killed nine police officers, including their leader, too.

Truck supplies to the destruction of the enemy near the epicenter of the mandate of the drag
Zabihullah (Mujahid) - According to news arrivals of the mandate of the drag for an armed attack at a logistical convoy of the occupying forces near the center of the mandate of the drag.
Adds the report, carried out the attack at five in the morning when the convoy was passing on the enemy through the cable to drag the fast near the Science Center City, but the mandate of the drag, resulting in the targeting of a container truck carrying a rocket-propelled grenades by the Mujahideen.
Did not reach accurate information about the loss of soldiers attached to the security of the convoy, but the mechanism is still devastating at the scene until noon now.

Nadeli: Stop direct attack of the Americans
Qari Muhammad Yussuf (Ahmadi) - Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate of repelling morning a direct attack on American troops occupied the state Department Nadeli Helmand.
Officials say the militants from the region: soldiers attempted to U.S. forces, backed air force in the eight o'clock almost morning to launch a series of operations against the Mujahideen in the village of Normamed Khan Directorate listed, where Mujahideen attacked immediately on the infantry soldiers of the enemy, attack, which lasted for half an hour from death and injury Four soldiers were occupiers. While the enemy suffered losses stated in the enemy forces were forced to withdraw from the region and the sheep Mujahideen weapons remaining from the enemy.
And thankfully did not suffer any casualties during the Mujahideen attack.
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