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Crimea, Ukraine, nice place to travel to…



Smb has wondered if the Crimea, Ukraine, nice place to travel to… Actually it is! I/m just back from there with lots of impressions. Low costs, picturesque mountains and the sea and the air, they are wonderful indeed.
But there’s no friendly environment so far… You see, I had been in the know actually that local Muslims (Crimean Tatars they call’em) make some sort if instability in the region. Still that wasn’t alarming news for me. During my Volga voyage in Russia I dealt with the Tatars and they were really nice guys.
But in the Crimea they are quite a different song I should say. It may come as a shocking news for you but there are Arabic Islamic radicals who order the tune. There are whole communities subordinate to’em and sticking to radical Islam. Arabic radicals (mainly from the UAE) invest really huge sums into construction of new mosques and facilities to train Islamic terrorists. Locals told me youth training camp in Simeyz near Yalta was really nightmare for’em.
I also got to know that during former Ukrainian president Yuschenko’s rule Arabic radicals settles themselves quite well in the Crimea making sort of sleeping Islamic cells there. And they seem to have activated them when the new Ukrainian president started to oppose that Arabic radical dominance, arresting active members and all that….Ukrainian law enforcement agencies have recently prevented some terrorists attacks but there can’t be 100% guarantee at all. So you may go to the Crimea if are prone to risky tourism….
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