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Crap hits the fan on the forum (1 Viewer)


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Jul 5, 2005
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This is a three page report...If you want to bypass the links, there is more pertinant information at the bottom of Post #3...

You ever call someone "a moron"?...Maybe "an idiot"?...

With exceptions, we've all been guilty of taking shots at another member here and there...

As per forum rules...

3. Flaming - "Originally, flame meant to carry forth in a passionate manner in the spirit of honorable debate. Flames most often involved the use of flowery language and flaming well was an art form. More recently flame has come to refer to any kind of derogatory comment no matter how witless or crude."[google] In a forum with sensitive topics such as this, derogatory flaming is bound to happen. Common sense will prevail, yet this is not an invitation to flame. e.g. You stupid *****ing moron is completely unacceptable and could lead to a suspension of posting privileges.

Notice the bolded sentence?...If the Moderators were to "moderate" EVERY instance, we'd spend all day warning, suspending, and banning almost every member...There would be 10 people left.

Keeping this in mind, one tends to notice that there are certain members of this forum that resort to this more than others. I now present to you the "leader of the pack".

26 X World Champs has the naive notion that I,(and another Moderator), target him because of his Liberal position.
This thread is designed to prove that assumption false.

What IS the issue that is of concern is not the political affiliation, but HOW the manner of debate spirals into derogatory attacks, either through the member's posts or towards the members directly.
I have compiled a specific list of Champ's OWN WORDS which reflect his tactic of insulting the member's of this forum...

I have supplied links to every one so you may decide for yourself.

Let's see if we can overcome the reading comprehension issue and ...


I just can't reconcile how any one person can post so many wrong facts time after time after time, it's mind boggling.


I prove you wrong in almost every post that you write and you never have the balls to defend yourself. You run and hide. Your modus operandi is to write stuff that is NEVER right and then when I or others prove that you're wrong you completely ignore that you've been proven to be wrong.


Maybe if you stopped playing with guns you would have understood that the vote was absolutely meaningless...


You're asking way too much of Navy Pride...


How can anyone debate with you when you post such idiotic words? Do you really not understand or are you simply trying to post stupid nonsense?


Do you have a comprehension issue?


The wording in this poll reflects the outrageous prejudice of the thread starter.


What a bunch of BS! Take your blinders off!


Amazingly clueless thread!


If someone is so blinded by prejudice against Democrats that they're too stupid to understand the difference then, I guess, they are as stupid as this thread is.


I think they're a thousand times smarter than you are....


People who write lies are called what?


Not sure what's up your ass, but it sure seems to me like you've broken the rules here.

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Re: **** hits the fan on thie forum


Do you live in an alternate universe?


You're again trying to divert this thread because you're unable to contribute anything to this debate other than absurd words like:


As a matter of fact your posts are generally clueless, simply the same old drivel time and time again


Your signature in your posts is completely biased and wrong as is this post.


Spare us the idiotic posts that have bigoted undertones, even for you they are insulting beyond reason.


Are you not smart enough to understand that people vote for the candidates not the national party chairman?


Your point is totally ridiculous and with each post you make yourself look weaker and weaker.


Your posts are incredibly hypocritical, blatantly so, actually!


Are you incapable of debating? Why are you here?


Must you make things up all the time?


Whining is quite unbecoming, you know?


The intelligence level this type of thinking suggests is only slightly above retarded...


You're a frickin' genius Navy Pride!


Navy Pride, your frickin' genius never ceases to amaze me!


You're one frickin' genius Navy Pride!


...which makes you a Frickin' Genius Navy Pride!


These words perfectly show the intelligence of their author...
...You're a frickin' genius!


Without question your posts are by far and away the most moronic, stupid, ignorant and worst written of any other poster in this community.
...You're truly an incredible frickin' genius Navy Pride


You're truly a frickin' genius Navy Pride!


You're a frickin' genius Navy Pride!


Guess what you frickin' genius?...
...How can you write such stupid $hit all the time?


You're a frickin' genius Navy Pride!


It does take a certain genuis to write posts the way you do Navy Pride


You're a frickin' genius, a frickin' genius!


OK you're frickin' genius,...


You're a frickin' genius you are Navy Pride!


This post is pure genius, making you a frickin' genius Navy Pride!


You're a frickin' genius Navy Pride!


You're a frickin' genius.


You're a frickin' genius Navy Pride!


You're a frickin' genius Navy Pride!


You're a frickin' genius Navy Pride!


You're a frickin' genius Navy Pride!


Well explain you frickin' genius why YOU started the following threads?


Without question your posts are the stupidest, most immature and pathetic posts of anyone in this community...
You're a frickin' genius Navy Pride! Hey - Ever see the scene in Forest Gump where he assembles his rifle? You're a frickin' genius Navy Pride!

Re: **** hits the fan on thie forum


You're such a baby! Only someone with virtually no intelligence would write a post as stupid as your last one...
...I've said it before, you're a frickin' genius Navy Pride


You're a frickin' genius Navy Pride!


This post is almost retarded, stupid, mindless and completely untrue.
You're a frickin' genius Navy Pride!


More outrageously STUPID words, what a surprise!...
You're a frickin' genius Navy Pride.


You're a frickin' genius Navy Pride!


You're a frickin' genius!


You're a Frickin' Genius Navy Pride!


You're a frickin' genius!


You're a frickin' genius Navy Pride!


Imagine Navy Pride being WRONG? Inconceivable! He's a frickin' genius!


You too, Mr. Mule, are a frickin' genius!


Navy Pride, you're a frickin' genius!

More genius from Navy Pride. Have you no intellect at all? Is the inside of your head completely barren?


Just when I think that Navy Pride couldn't possibly write anything stupider he lowers the bar another notch.


You're a frickin' genius you are, a frickin' genius.(Note - To someone other than Navy Pride)


More proof that Navy Pride is a genius! Good going Pride!
You're a genius Navy Pride!


What does one think of a repeatedly stupid post by the same person?...
I just can't fathom that someone could regularly post such consistently stupid and paranoid stuff.
The really amazing thing is that Navy Pride believes what he writes! Of course, no one else does, but being in denial is another sign of mental distress.


What is it about the truth that eludes your capacitiy to write?


Yet another post whose words are incredibly misinformed! Amazing!


Do you ever debate or are every one of your posts total bullshit? No one in this community contributes less to any debate than Navy Pride's posts.


This post contains, as usual, more stupid, stupid words!


Writing posts that are totally full of bullshit might make some of you feel superior but what it really does is reveal how ignorant and prejudiced you really are.


It's like the most basic of debating standards, one that even the least intelligent among us would employ....that is except for you! You make up $hit in almost every post that you write.


Not only are your typed words incredibly ignorant, bereft of facts, but your conclusions couldn't be more off base.
You must either be very young and/or very under educated.


The question itself is idiotic, plain dumb, completely stupid...but then again consider who started this thread?


Think before you speak? Maybe you should think before you type?


There are 77 instances that I've documented...Keep in mind that these are only the ones that I believe cannot be miscontrued or taken out of context. There were some that may be construed that way, so I purposefully left them out.

Also note...

When going through past history of someone's posts, it only goes to the last 500 posts...25 posts per page for 20 pages...
I STOPPED at page 16...That would be 400 posts...19.25% of his posts contained this tactic...

If I found 77 posts that document Champs debating tactic of insulting the forum members either indirectly through his posts or directly to the members themselves, can you imagine how many I could find throughout the 1891 posts he has of this writing?
At 77 per 400, that would AVERAGE out to 364 posts!!!...

If you think THAT'S bad...read how he responds to this comment from another Moderator to this forum...

Gandhi>Bush said:
Attack his words not his character.


26 X World Champs said:
I most definitely did! Please reread my post and I think you will clearly see that I am constantly referring to his posts, not to him directly.

I am very conscious of the rules and I sculpt my posts as reply to the posts not the poster.


Notice the hypocracy?..,If you don't, I'll show it to you...

He wrote this at 11:44PM om 10-04-05..


26 X World Champs said:
Can you imagine teaching Navy Pride's voting philosophy in school?

Can you imagine teaching Navy Pride's voting philisophy to naturalized American citizens?

Can you imagine teaching Navy Pride's voting philisophy to Iraqis?

Can you imagine teaching Navy Pride's voting philisophy anyone in the Middle East?

What level of intelligence is it that would actually post that voting for anyone who does not have a chance to win is a wasted vote? I think it shows a level severely below the average person! :ws

I think I've proven my case...
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Believe it or not, "flaming" is actually a debate tactic that is used by many and is often very effective. I do not like it but I'm not totally for prohibiting them to flame because that can sometimes be helpful to those who they are debating.
His flaming goes far beyond a debate tactic and it's far from effective, unless of course the goal is to incite a childish name calling contest.
Champs is a proven liar. He knows this. It doesn't bother him. He is of the type that if you say it loud enough and ofter enough many will believe it. A tried and true tactic. He is the Pelosi/Schumer/Kennedy/Hillary of DP. I personally pay him no attention but to remind him once in a while that I , teacher, of the colassol brain, and poster of "The Great Monkey Fiasco", am still here. A while back chimps posted a letter by Micheal Moore. He asked us to find flaws in Moore's letter. I took it apart line by line. No not in my usual smart ass way. I repeatedly asked champs for his reply. He never did. Chumps M.O. is to say "nu-uh, no it isn't, you lie, you're a jerk, just the things cnredd points out in his posts, which by the, is so well put forth it would stand as courtroom evidence. This will not sway chimp. He will either ignore it or do his usual thing. Chumps is a amateur. He has no debate skills, he has no facts, he brings nothing. He deserves what cnredd does here. I say pile on. My run in with chumps is so long ago I'm not sure if I can repost it. But I prove him several times a liar. Some of it is very funny. Copy/paste tells the truth. Chimps doesn't.


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Great job, redd. Your posts are always backed up with solid evidence.
Are you guys through patting eachother on the back yet? ROTFL!!!!!
I understand the point of this thread, but Champs is far from the only person who posts in this manner on the forum. And to be honest, I have taken a few potshots at Mr. Pride myself. :3oops: But there are also many perpetrators of this kind of posting on the other side of the aisle. In fact, I feel pretty confident you could compile the same size and magnitude of infractions from NP's posts if you were so inclined - and I could suggest a few other members as well.

Personally, I have been called stupid, defective, sufferer of all manner of mental deficiencies and disorders, gullible, un-American and hateful to name just a few charming characterizations by members of this forum. Not that I'm complaining. I've never taken it seriously.

That said, I am more than happy to refrain from name-calling in my future posts here. Outside of the joke threads, I've never been too proud of myself when I've partaken in it anyway.
I have to agree with MixedMedia regarding Champs.

He may have an abrasive debating technique, but his posts are usually filled with pertinent info, not lies, as some of you would have us believe.

There are many posters that resort to insults on these forums, from both sides of the political spectrum, so what's the point?

To be honest, I have to wonder about someone who would take the time and energy to compile a list like that against Champs? For what purpose?

If you have that much time on your hands, come on over and clean my damn house! LOL

If any of you find Champs debating style is ruffling your feathers too much, then I can't stress this strongly enough....take a break away from the internet...if you're getting that upset, the problem is with you, not the poster you're angry with.
After going thru that.....excruciating link fest of incrimination, I find the member in question to be wasting his breath. There are many good points in his replys but, they are hidden in the useless banter of childish name calling. He could make a very solid case for serious debate were he to actually try.....as it is, he is very lucky I dont Mod here.

I have banned for less.
He reminds me of this guy


Though I seem to have gone through life here without the guy ever noticing me, I feel for the people that do have to listen to insults. Nobody should insult anyone else's ideas, as none of us really knows all the right answers. That's why we debate to begin with. Be respectful, even if you strongly disagree, and you can hold your head high. And win the argument ;)
I, for one, enjoy reading CHAMPS rebuttals, and don't you think this thread is a little hypocritical? By far, CHAMPS isn't the only one who resorts to name calling, and belittling. You must treat everyone fairly. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. You've show'd alot of his posts were directed at Navy Pride, but you fail to show that Navy Pride brought alot of that offensive language on himself.
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He is an arrogant little prick, but I am actually proud of him for not responding to this, that shows me something Champs.;)

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