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Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Is a Growing Concern for Researchers, Health Officials (1 Viewer)

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Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Is a Growing Concern for Researchers, Health Officials


Scientists and drugmakers are beginning efforts to overcome Americans’ safety and other concerns about Covid-19 vaccines, while U.S. health authorities ready a campaign to encourage widespread uptake. As vaccine candidates advance closer to U.S. authorization, health and industry officials want to make sure as many people as possible get vaccinated to reach the level, known as herd immunity, that would protect even people who aren’t immunized. Yet large percentages of Americans, including those at high risk of contracting the virus, are reluctant, skeptical or opposed to taking a vaccine, according to surveys and researchers. Among the reasons: concerns about safety because of the quick development pace and government overreach. Among those opposed include small but vocal numbers of people who are opposed to all vaccines, which they say are unsafe despite research proving otherwise. And some Americans, including many who might otherwise support vaccination, express worry the Trump administration will greenlight a vaccine ahead of the November election for political purposes, before the shot is proven to work safely. Walter Williams who lives in New Orleans said he wouldn’t take a vaccine that was approved before the election out of suspicion it was rushed through development and authorized under pressure.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services plans to launch by November a public-awareness campaign across TV, radio and social media, focusing on vaccine safety, efficacy and hesitancy, the agency said. The campaign will likely feature medical experts paired with celebrities to help their messages resonate with the public, National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins said. “The idea that there would be resistance to what might potentially turn [the pandemic] around seemed a little bit unlikely, but obviously I did not properly understand the groundswell of resistance that is now out there,” Dr. Collins said in an interview. According to a Gallup poll published Aug. 7, one in three Americans wouldn’t take a Covid-19 vaccine if it were available free of charge. In a Harris Poll released last week, about 30% of Americans said they were unlikely to take a vaccine, while half said they wouldn’t take a vaccine developed outside the U.S. Politics is playing a role, too. Democrats would be more likely to take a vaccine than Republicans, according to a new survey from Northeastern, Harvard, Northwestern and Rutgers universities.

At least 50% of Americans would need to be vaccinated for the US population to develop herd immunity against COVID-19.
yeah i guess, wear a mask and social distance, we can do this
I feel that at least the initial round of vaccinations will be closer to 20%, far short of that 50% goal. Holding people back will be concerns about the results of the vaccine having been rushed, testing having been inadequate, and the probability that continual revaccination will be needed to maintain satisfactory immunity levels, as with the flue shot I got the other day. At least 2 strains have appeared, making it likely that additional strains may arise in the future, possibly requiring combining different vaccines. And then there is the likliehood of unpleasant side effects. And the anti-vaxxers won't go near this.

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