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Court of Appeals strikes down NY's redistricting maps (1 Viewer)


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Feb 3, 2017
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The state’s highest court struck down New York's redistricting maps on Wednesday in a landmark ruling that will send the maps back to the drawing board and likely affect the state's election calendar this year.

The case made its way to the Court of Appeals, a seven-member panel of Democrat-appointed judges, after a pair of lower court decisions tossed out the congressional maps, leaving New York’s congressional districts and races hanging in the balance two months before the June primary election.

After hearing oral arguments this week, the court ruled that both the congressional and state Senate maps approved earlier this year were "procedurally unconstitutional" because the Legislature didn't have authority to pass the maps, which were supposed to be created through a bipartisan redistricting process put in place by voters by constitutional amendment in 2014.

Further, the court ruled that the state's congressional map was "drawn with impermissible partisan purpose."

Nothing like having to scramble at the last minute! Guess Republicans don't have the entire market on gerrymandering. What I'd like to know is if they don't get it done by the time of elections, what happens? Do the previous districts stand as they currently are?

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