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Conservatives always point at black on black crime when people are outraged about police brutality


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Oct 29, 2016
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You've seen this **** I'm sure. It's obvious that criminal blacks murdering other blacks is a lot different than a member of law enforcement murdering blacks and being shielded by a police union, right? I don't care about your statistics. It's a different situation. One is a lawless criminal and the other is supposed to be something different, a guardian of the law. People with badges murdering minorities and minorities murdering other minorities are two completely different issues. We don't apply the same expectations to gangbangers and cops.

Now for the flip side. Poverty is the biggest predictor for criminal behavior and black people are disproportionately poor. They're not committing a lot of crime on average because they're black; it's because they're poor and more desperate. A lot of the time violent and dangerous criminals are going to be black because on average a lot more black people are poor. The police know that, and it's why they can often be more aggressive towards and less patient with black people. That's not an excuse for targeting blacks more, but I think it's relevant to point out that there is a logical reason for the existence of police bigotry.
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