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Conservative Litmus Test


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Jul 12, 2005
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Many conservatives have forgiven or ignored Shrub’s liberal, multicultural and globalist tendencies over the last four years. The GOP faithful looked the other way as W wiped his well-heeled Patriot Act boots on the Bill of Rights because America was at war. Fiscally conservative Republicans hardly mumbled or grumbled as GWB supported and encouraged budgets that would have made Lyndon Johnson blush in shame, because HE was making the world safe for democracy. Constitutional conservatives stood in the corner as “their man” ridiculed law-abiding American citizens as vigilantes, simply because they were trying to protect the sovereignty of our nation at the perimeter, a job that our government has failed to attempt in the last 30 years.

The scene is now set for the big litmus test of his presidency. Will George W. Bush betray conservatives and Constitutionalists in the upcoming “battle” for Sandra Day O’Connor’s robe? On many occasions he has stated that he will not require that his appointments be anti-Roe, but only require that they are strict interpreters of the Constitution. Given Bush II’s approach to seminal conservative agendas such as affirmative action, illegal immigration, fiscal restraint and individual liberty, we should all prepare for the worst.

Past Republican presidents like Nixon, Reagan and Bush I made judicial appointments that proved to be the worst kind of Warren-esque nightmares. These decisions were usually made to appease critics who accused them of being too conservative. Sometimes the appointments went horribly wrong because the men, or woman, were chosen for reasons other than their judicial background or legal acumen. Rumors are already flying that GOP leaders are whispering to the administration that he must chose a woman. Of course we all know that Bush wants to appoint the first Hispanic, and one of his drinking buddies (and anything but a strict Constitutionalist), to the seat.

Conservatives must realize that Congress has abandoned its Constitutional mandate to legislate in some of the most important areas of public concern. The Supreme Court has filled this vacuum, and as long as a liberal Supreme Court believes our Constitution is a “living document”, it is but a meaningless piece of paper to be interpreted at will. If this president fails to alter the balance of power, conservatives will wait a long time for such an opportunity to present itself again.

Will Bush pass this test? Probably not.
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