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Confirmed: IRS Director Werfel Lied–Progressive Groups DID NOT Receive Same Scrutiny


May 11, 2013
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by Jim Hoft
June 25, 2013

Yesterday IRS commissioner Danny Werfel told reporters the agency’s “Be on the lookout” list included not just conservative groups but progressive groups as well. Werfel also told reporters the IRS did not find evidence of intentional wrongdoing by anyone in the agency.

Yet, this is not accurate. The Inspector General report in May already confirmed that the agency was inappropriately targeting “conservative” groups. (Full IRS Inspector General Report On "Inappropriate" Targeting Of Conservative Groups | Zero Hedge)


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Confirmed: IRS Director Werfel Lied

If you tell a lie long enough people will soon begin to believe it.
Re: Confirmed: IRS Director Werfel Lied–Progressive Groups DID NOT Receive Same Scrut

Want me to name the fallacy you just committed or shall I let you twist in the wind?
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