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Companies trying to help Ukraine


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Jul 17, 2020
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Springfield MO
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Even a local seed company is trying to help, and the response was amazing:

“My great-grandfather Jacob Hetterle immigrated here over a hundred years ago from Ukraine,” Gettle said. “They were actually forced out due to Soviet Russian aggression at that time. So this is a personal issue with me because of my family connection and all the seed savers and customers in the Ukraine who have sent us messages.”

So with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Gettle wanted to help. He posted messages to customers explaining that from noon last Friday to midnight Sunday, all the seed sales from his business would be contributed to the World Help Humanitarian Organization that is sending food, water, and other necessities to Ukrainian families trying to survive.

The response was amazing as Baker Creek raised $1.6 million over those three days.

“There were about 44,000 different people who put in orders which were totally overwhelming to us,” Gettle said. “And we’re actually overwhelmed here now (trying to fill the orders). We’ll probably be behind for a couple of weeks.”

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