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Communisim, Capitalism, Socialism, and Bulls.....

Alvin T. Grey

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Jan 9, 2010
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I hate the way that these terms are bandied about without any regard for what they actually mean. I'm not sure that we will get agreement on what they actually are, but here is my understanding of the three.

We all know the joke about the young bull and the old bull?
"Lets run down to that field and shag a couple of cows"
"No, lets walk down and shag them all...."

So how does that relate to communisim, capatalism and socialism?

Capitalism (especially rand style lazis faire)
That's the young one.
The biggest bull, legs it at speed down to the field, hops the gate (locking it if possible) Humps-Hoof as quickly as possible before the Farmer (SEC) jimmys open the gate to let the other bulls in. Then he's out again before the afterglow wears off. Only the ugly cows are left.

That's the older bull.
Both bulls amble down to the field, collecting other bulls along the way. The farmer (SEC) stands at the gate never letting too many bulls in to take their turn and so ensuring that even the ugly moos get their lovin'. Yes each Daisy may take longer to get serviced, but every freisian-femme-fetal gets well seen to, and this happy state of affairs is much more sustainable in the long run as every brudder-from-another-udder has time to recover.

In Communist Russia, State Shaggs Cows.
I hate the way that these terms are bandied about without any regard for what they actually mean.

Then why did you start this thread?

[/Obligatory Khayembii post in any thread relating to communism.]
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