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Coddling Snowflakes


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Jun 26, 2017
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Southern California
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This is from the UK.

University lecturers have been told DON'T USE CAPS as it frightens students. Scares me to think how the snowflakes will survive when the real world hits them.

UNIVERSITY lecturers have been told not to use words in capital letters when setting assignments because it might frighten students into failure.

Course leaders say capitalising a word could emphasise "the difficulty or high-stakes nature of the task".

The memo says: "Despite our best attempts to explain assessment tasks, any lack of clarity can generate anxiety and even discourage students from attempting the assessment at all.

Generally, avoid using capital letters for emphasis and "the overuse of 'do', and, especially, 'DON'T'."

The memo lists dos and don'ts - with "do" and "don't" among words frowned upon.

My favorite instruction to the lecturers is this line:

The memo also says that staff must be "explicit about any inexplicitness" in their assignment briefs

There are only a couple of more paragraphs to the article, but this closing one is from the fragile snowflakes themselves.

Students at Manchester have voted to ban clapping over fears noise could trigger anxiety and suggest using "jazz hands" to show appreciation.

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I look for my safe space when the text color changes..........get the **** outta the way,.......
So many have yet to figure out that the weak become the victims of those who can find use for them.

Grooming people for victimhood is a very bad idea.

It is also an immoral act of inhumanity.

There is a right leaning member who posts here and loves to use Caps. His posts must terrify these students
But jazz hands triggers anxiety in me!

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