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CO2, Yawn

Jack Hays

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Jan 28, 2013
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Williamsburg, Virginia
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The climate is just fine, thank you.

Five points about climate change

Guest essay by Professor Philip Lloyd, Cape Peninsula University of Technology Daily we are told that we are wicked to burn fossil fuels. The carbon dioxide which is inevitably emitted accumulates in the atmosphere and the result is “climate change.” If the stories are to believed, disaster awaits us. Crops will wither, rivers will dry up,…

". . . To conclude, our five steps have shown:

· the combustion of ever increasing quantities of fossil fuel has boosted the carbon dioxide concentration of the atmosphere.
· The physical impact of that increase is not demonstrable in a scientific way. There may be some warming of the atmosphere, but at present any warming is almost certainly hidden in the natural variation of temperatures.
· there is no significant evidence either for any increase in the frequency or magnitude of weather phenomena, or climate-related changes in the biosphere.
· any sea level rise over the coming century is unlikely to present an insuperable challenge.
Attempts to influence global temperatures by controlling carbon dioxide emissions are likely to be both futile and economically disastrous."
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